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Our 4 Step Simple Managed Security Services Workflow

Streamline and secure your business with our simplified 4-step workflow, designed to defense without disrupting momentum. Here’s how we make it effective and simple.

  • Onboarding & Assessment
  • Compliance & Reporting
  • Deployment & Implementation
  • Regular Reviews & Optimization
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Is Your Need for Cybersecurity Going Beyond the Ordinary?

From budget friendly constraints to managing threats we get it done. That’s why our managed security services stand out from the crowd. Get your peace of mind with:

  • Managed Detection and Response

    Our cutting edge Cansol threat intelligence work tirelessly to stop the threat before they disrupt your industry.

  • Managed Detection and Response

    Our cutting edge Cansol threat intelligence work tirelessly to stop the threat before they disrupt your industry.

  • Co-Managed SOC (SIEM)

    Our SOC expert team spin the wheel with flow , monitoring global threat intelligence and fine tuning to keep you ahead.

  • Managed Database Security

    Keep protected your data with Cansol “Db protect”, that are technically managed by security specialists.

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Cansol Managed Security Services for your Business

Managed Response

 Get free from stress, our dedicated tea, of security experts monitors your system and neutralize all threats in real time. Our system hunts down all suspicious activities with 98% success rate. Our trained security analyst respond immediately (within 10-15 minutes) ensure your business continuity.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Don’t wait and watch for cyber-attacks to happen . Our expert threat hunters always search for vulnerabilities and hidden dangers (identify “0” DAY exploits before they hit business). We take it away before it can disrupt all networks and you have to bear a great loss.

Digital Forensics

We are always stand with your business whether it’s any data breaches or network issue.  Our forensic specialists immediately investigate the situation, gather all evidence and reconstruct the cyber-attack timeline. We can use industry leading tools and techniques to prevent same breaches from happening again.

Cloud Security Services

Secure your business cloud journey with CANSOL cloud security solutions. We optimize your cloud infrastructure, ensure compliance with regulations and protect you against cloud-specific threats to your business i.e. any unauthorized access or data leaks.

Security Architecture Framework

Shape a robust security network foundation with Cansol customized security architecture frame work. By analyzing your business needs and risks, we design a layered defense system and provide complete instructions for assessment to implementation. It ensure optimum security framework for your organization

Office 365 Security

Our company is collaborative hub for your business. We are here to offer advanced threat detection, and quick response for office 365. Our experts protect you from malware infiltration, unauthorized access and phishing attacks. So keep your team productive and secure your office 365.

Firewall Security Audits

Don’t leave any loose threads of your company as a weak link. Secure your firewalls with thorough security audits that identify vulnerabilities, outdated rules and misconfiguration. We recommend hardening perimeters that prevents cyber attacker from sneaking in.

Privilege Access Management

Take authority and control over your business user privileges. We implement “Privilege Access Management” solutions ensure only authorized users have access to your business confidential data system. This solution reduces the risk of threats and internal staff data breaches.

Identity and Access Management

Streamline access of your business while maintaining security. Our experts implement “Identity and Access Management” system to access rights, authentication protocols and user identities. This process overall improves and simplifies process

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Why Choose Cansol Cybersecurity Experts?

 Robust cybersecurity is no more luxury; it’s a necessity for your company. We are backed by 4+ years of expertise in managed services. Our experienced staff helps you to reduce cyber-attacks up to 70% after implementing managed security services.

Continuous Improvement and Optimization

We are optimization centric to defend your systems with our managed services. We  keep you always ahead by adopting  updates

Measurable Results

Gain clear insight in to security structure with our comprehensive reports and dashboards. Focus on your core business goals by enuring you are in good hands.

Tailored Security Solutions

No one size fit managed security services works here. Whether you are small startup or large enterprise, we have customized solutions for all of your needs.

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Stop worrying, Start Protecting with Cansol Managed Security Services

Take control of your business managed security services .Secure your business with Cansol experts.

CANSOL Consulting Tech Partners

Our custom fit approach for managed security services aligned with your needs and risks. We stand every step of the way that drives innovation. We unite against cyber security threats , our tech partners are:

See ‘’How’’ We Helped Our Clients

Before Cansol Consulting managed security services, security for our company was growth bottleneck. We haven’t even a single breach since partnering with Cansol.

Jimmy Andreson Technology Officer

Cansol quick response saved us millions and maintain our brand reputation. They optimized our systems and keep us complaiant allow to integrate the full potential of clouds security without fear. Highly recommended.v

Kashif Iqbal CEO, Financial services firm

Our outdated firewalls was leading us to vulnerability. Thorough audit by Cansol exposed all risks and provide immediate solution .Now we are updated with all security concerns.

Kheam Khan C0-Founder, Keystone