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Digital Forensics Services in UAE

Cansol Cyber Security company specializes in analyzing and recovering digital data from different devices by dusting stress from your shoulders. 

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Leading Digital Forensics Company in Dubai

Discover Dubai's premier Digital Forensic Services, delivering meticulous investigation and analysis for your peace of mind. Trust our expertise for comprehensive solutions, from evidence collection to incident response, ensuring integrity and reliability throughout.

We focused on different aspects of digital forensics that include:

Evidence Collection

Gathering digital evidence in a legally sound manner to maintain its integrity and admissibility.

Data Preservation

Ensuring that the original state of digital evidence is preserved during the investigation process.


Examining digital artifacts, logs, and other data to reconstruct events and identify patterns or anomalies.

Incident Response

Integrating digital forensics into incident response strategies to effectively address and mitigate cybersecurity incidents.

Chain of Custody

Maintaining a documented trail of the handling and transfer of digital evidence to ensure its reliability in legal proceedings.

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Cansol Caters Risk Protection for your Business

At Cansol the team of experts provides proper solution to risk identification and protection.

Digital Forensic Case Studies

Cansol experts study the case with different methods depends on your business customized needs.

Evidence Collection

Securely collected logs, network traffic data, and access records from relevant servers. Captured memory dumps from the suspected employee's workstation.

Timeline Reconstruction

Created a timeline of events to understand the sequence of actions leading up to the data leaks. Identified the point of compromise and the pathways used to filtrated data.

Forensic Analysis

Conducted a deep dive into the memory dumps to identify running processes and uncover any hidden or obfuscated activities. Examined file access logs and metadata to establish patterns of behavior.

Artifact Examination

Analyzed emails, chat logs, and documents for any communication related to the unauthorized data access. Recovered deleted files and examined remnants of deleted emails.

Endpoint Analysis

 Investigated the individual's workstation for signs of malware or unauthorized tools. Examined USB device history to determine if external storage devices were used.

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Cansol Digital Forensic Solutions to your Risk Management

EnCase Forensic

EnCase Forensic, developed by Guidance Software (now part of OpenText), is a comprehensive digital forensic tool used for collecting, analyzing, and preserving electronic evidence.


Disk imaging, file recovery, keyword searching, timeline analysis, and various forensic analysis capabilities.


Generally well-regarded for its reliability and extensive feature set. However, some users mentioned a steep learning curve.


Description: Autopsy is an open-source digital forensics platform that is widely used for analyzing disk images and conducting in-depth investigations.

Features: Automated file sorting, keyword searching, timeline analysis, and integration with various forensic analysis tools.

Forensic Toolkit (FTK)

Description: FTK, developed by Access Data, is a robust digital forensics tool used for analyzing and recovering digital evidence from computers and mobile devices.

Features: Disk imaging, keyword searching, email analysis, and advanced analysis options.

Reviews: Known for its speed in processing and analyzing large volumes of data. However, the cost may be a consideration for some users.


Description: Volatility is an open-source memory forensics framework used for analyzing RAM dumps and extracting information about running processes and system state.

Features: Memory analysis, process exploration, and support for various operating systems.

Reviews: Regarded highly for its effectiveness in analyzing volatile memory. It's often used in conjunction with other forensic tools

Sleuth Kit / Autopsy (Combo)

Description: Sleuth Kit is an open-source forensic toolkit that includes various command-line tools for forensic analysis. Autopsy is a graphical interface that works in conjunction with Sleuth Kit.

Features: File system analysis, timeline analysis, keyword searching, and support for various file formats.

Reviews: Sleuth Kit is appreciated for its reliability, while Autopsy's GUI makes it more accessible for users who prefer a graphical interface.

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Benefits of Cansol Digital Forensic Solutions

Digital forensics, also known as computer forensics, is a field that involves the collection, analysis, and preservation of electronic evidence to investigate and prevent cybercrime. There are several benefits associated with the practice of digital forensics:

Evidence Collection and Preservation

  • Our company digital forensics helps in the systematic collection and preservation of electronic evidence from various digital devices. This evidence can be crucial in legal proceedings and investigations.

Investigation of Cybercrime

  • Cansol Consulting plays a vital role in investigating cybercrimes including hacking data breaches financial fraud and other cyber threats It helps identify the origin of attacks trace digital footprints and understand the methods employed by cybercriminals

Incident Response

  • Our Solutions are key component of incident response activities. We helps organizations identify and respond to security incidents promptly minimizing the impact of a breach and preventing further damage.
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Recovery of Lost or Deleted Data

  • Our digital forensics tools and techniques enable the recovery of lost or deleted data. This can be crucial for both criminal investigations and corporate situations where data loss may have occurred accidentally or intentionally.

Legal Admissibility

  • Digital evidence collected through forensics processes is often admissible in court. Our properly conducted digital forensics procedures help ensure the integrity and authenticity of the evidence making it more likely to be accepted in legal proceedings.

Employee Misconduct Investigations

  • We provide digital forensics sevices to investigate incidents of employee misconduct such as unauthorized access intellectual property theft or violation of company policies. It can help determine the extent of the misconduct and gather evidence for disciplinary or legal action.

Malware Analysis

  • Digital forensics is instrumental in the analysis of malware. Our cybersecurity professionals understand how malware operates its source and the potential impact on systems. This information is valuable for developing effective countermeasures

Compliance and Regulatory Requirement

  • Many industries and organizations are subject to specific compliance and regulatory requirements regarding data protection and security. Our digital forensics experts helps in demonstrating compliance with these regulations and standards.

Cybersecurity Awareness and Improvement

  • Through the analysis of security incidents and breaches Cansol contributes to the overall improvement of cybersecurity strategies. We help organizations to identify vulnerabilities gaps in security measures and areas for improvement in their defense mechanisms.

Risk Mitigation

  • By identifying and addressing security incidents promptly we contributes to the mitigation of risks associated with cyber threats. This proactive approach helps organizations reduce the potential impact of security breaches.

Expert Testimony

  • Our skilled professionals may provide expert testimony in legal proceedings explaining the methods used the findings and the significance of the digital evidence. This testimony can be crucial in helping judges and juries understand complex technical details.

From Breach to Resolve “WE” provide Complete Solutions

 Our team of experts contributes to the identification, analysis, and mitigation of digital crimes and security incidents. Its applications extend across law enforcement, corporate security, incident response, and various other domains where digital evidence is essential for investigations and legal proceedings.

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CANSOL Consulting Tech Partners

Our custom fit approach for managed security services aligned with your needs and risks. We stand every step of the way that drives innovation. We unite against cyber security threats , our tech partners are:

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Before Consol Consulting managed security services, security for our company was growth bottleneck. We haven’t even a single breach since partnering with Consol.

Jimmy Andreson Technology Officer

Consol quick response saved us millions and maintain our brand reputation. They optimized our systems and keep us complaiant allow to integrate the full potential of clouds security without fear. Highly recommended.v

Kashif Iqbal CEO, Financial services firm

Our outdated firewalls was leading us to vulnerability. Thorough audit by Consol exposed all risks and provide immediate solution .Now we are updated with all security concerns.

Kheam Khan C0-Founder, Keystone