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Cansol Cybersecurity Simple Workflow

Our security experts can scan and predict threats before they appear. Our team monitors your network 24/7, ensuring you’re protected around the clock. Cansol acts like a SWAT team and minimizes damage.


Analyze unique security needs and vulnerabilities.

Design cybersecurity strategy aligned with industry regulations.

Effective deployment of security protocols.

Train Staff on security awareness.


Repulsion of Hackers attempt to break firewall.

Proactively identification of system weaknesses.

Evaluate the potential impact of threats.

Addressed identified vulnerabilities.

Staff Augmentation

Skilled team of cybersecurity professionals.

Share expertise and best practices for your business.

Provide training to enhance staff capabilities.

Build a cohesive team to tackle security challenges.

Network Management

Always monitor your network for threat.

Rapid action to address security incidents.

Tackle threats with proactive research. 

Ensure adherence with industry regulations.

Why Choose Cansol for your Cybersecurity Problems?

In countless options why do you need to choose CANSOL ?

Cansol Boost extensive knowledge and experience in cloud computing, IT infrastructure along with robust cybersecurity solutions. Our cybersecurity company UAE digital system is attached with code and firewalls indicating Cansol secure infrastructure expertise.

With different options it’s difficult to select the right cybersecurity partner for your business. You need to consider different factors like budget and industry specific needs. Don’t hesitate to seek consultation and compare cybersecurity solutions before making informed decisions. Cansol Cybersecurity has:

  • Unburdened Growth
  • Proven Track Record
  • Transparent Communication
  • Legal and Ethical Consideration
  • Long Term Partnership
  • Proactive Defense
  • Customized Testing
  • 24/7/365 support
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Cybersecurity Services Offered by CANSOL

We’re a step forward as your reliable partner with expert leadership and protection. We offer a full suite of robust cybersecurity services ensuring unwavering compliance. Don’t wait more for a breach of act; invest in the right place for cybersecurity solutions that stand with you in every sec.

Virtual CISO

We are best at predicting the next cyberattack. Protecting yourself against advanced threats

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Digital Forensics Services

Discover Dubai’s premier Digital Forensic Services, delivering meticulous investigation

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Managed Security Services

Our Managed security services offer proactive protection and expert

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Cloud Security

As all organizations are moving their data and presentations

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Security Architecture Framework

Cansol consulting takes the pride to develop the best

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Privileged Access Management Services

We specialize in empowering organizations with strong Privilege Access Management (PAM) solutions. Our

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Is your Digital Platform Rundown under Cybersecurity Threats?

We formulated a ROBUST system for verifying identities and ensuring data integrity within your organization


PKI manages digital certificates for unique electronic credentials that binds device identity with cryptographic key pair.


More than 84% of organizations using PKI reports to build and increase trust to protect sensitive data. (Source: GlobalSign PKI Trends)

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We go beyond simple passwords, required additional evidence of identity with MFA for secure access.

Common methods

MFA required security keys, biometric scans (that is fingerprints and facial recognition) along with one time code sends.


It is studied that more than 80% of breaches have been prevented with strong authentication

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We manages control on user access to different resources based on permissions and roles


Maintain smooth operations, incorporates compliance and reduce the risk of un authorized access to irrelevant resources

Business value

Identity management (IM) application saves you more; it is estimated that almost an average of $3.5 million annually save due to effective IM.

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Protect your cloud based data , applications and infrastructure from cyber threats

Comprehensive defense

Cloud Security encompasses access controls, threat detection , compliance measures and immediate incident response.

Adoption and risks

It is predicted almost 95% of global organization will adopt cloud security bs 2025 making it paramount. (Source: Gartner)

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Identify Vulnerabilities with Cansol Security Audit

Protocol-Driven Analysis

Our proprietary protocols continuously updated with industry latest trends and regulations that identify vulnerabilities with our experienced based analysis.

Expertise-Enhanced Assessment

We enlist the invaluable skills od experienced ethical hackers that test your system resilience, eliminate the potential breaches before escalate into catastrophe.

Ethical Hacking with Rigorous Methodology

Intensive process is fueled by attention to detail, leaves no vulnerability unexplored providing your organization with complete security posture.

Actionable Insights

Our expert team translates complex findings into actionable intelligence that outlines immediate remediation steps for your network defense.

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Proactive Cybersecurity vs. $210k Ransomware?

Choose Wisely, don’t wait for ransonware attack. Rate of Ransomware attacks raised by 13% in 2023 increased by 13% in 2023, with the average payoff demand reaching $210,000. (Source: Coveware). So there ultimate solution is Cansol Consluting Cybersecurity services  that is not REACTIVE but PROACTIVE for your organization. Our services are not only cost but an investment in growth working as ‘’CATALYST’’ for your business. These security patterns minimize your down time and data loss ensuring high productivity.

  • Smarter Defense
  • Attack Response Team
  • Security Champions
  • Robot Assistants
  • Never-Ending Guard
  • Layered Security
  • Secret Code Masters
  • Emergency Plan Experts
  • Data Detectives
  • Custom-Fit Security

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Identified Vulnerabilities

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See What Cansol Consulting Clients are saying

 We give you real world results; see how we transformed clients from vulnerable targets to secure platform. We always value our customers by achieving set targets.

Thank you Cansol Consulting. They provided us with invaluable insight into our complete security posture. Their strategic recommendations help us to do smart investment for long term security.

Katherine Smith COO, Retail chain

Cansol Consulting support team made our all process smooth and stress free. We get free from all costly penalties previously which we have faced by maintain compliance with all relevant regulations.

Elizabeth Davis Legal Counsel, Education

Your company penetration testing identifies all critical vulnerabilities in our system that we were totally unaware of. Cansol consulting detailed reporting allows patching all those gaps before we face huge exploitation. Highly Recommended

Michael Brown CTO, Manufacturing company

Cansol Expert Team at Your Fingertips

No matter where are you or what’s your industry is , we are a way to help. We always believe on your specific needs and budget. Contact us to tell your security challenge and Our experts will give you immediate solution.